Happy year of the rooster, our dear parents!

We at Cordlife Medical Philippines wish you and your families a prosperous and fun-filled new year ahead of you. We welcome this year beaming with pride, joy, and security, knowing that we have your continued confidence and trust in us as we continue doing what we do best for you – protecting your greatest investment, your family, in the many more years to come.

We commit to constantly find ways to better provide for your needs with our superior cord blood banking portfolio and quality standards in service, so you and your family can remain fully-equipped and ready to battle your any uncertainty, worry, or fear, and always stay in the pink of health.

Read on to see your fellow Cordlife parents’ wishes for you this year of the rooster.


“Hi Mommies, I'm Juris Fernandez-Lim. A proud Cordlife Mom! Greeting you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year! To all New Cordlife Moms out there, congratulations on your little one! Great decision in choosing Cordlife to take care of your baby's cord blood and umbilical cord! May you and your family stay healthy and safe always! God bless you.”

Juris Fernandez Lim
singer,songwriter and mom of Giddy

"Happy New Year Mommies and Daddies! This is Ciara Sotto, a proud Cordlife Mom. I pray that God will be the center of your family and that He will continue to shower you with blessings of love, joy, and peace"

Ciara Sotto
TV actress and Singer, Mom to Crixus


"It's a brand new year, Cord Life Mommies, and I know that the Lord has exciting plans for you and your family this 2017. You will have your shares of ups and downs as you maneuver through motherhood, but know that whatever happens, you will always be Champions in your baby's eyes. With the help of your family, friends and Cordlife, you will do an amazing job this year and the years to come!"

Patty Laurel-Filart
Model, TV Host, Social Media Influencer and Mom to Theo

“Hi Mommies, this is Kelly Misa-Fernandez, a proud Cordlife mom, wishing you all a happy New Year! Cordlife has been such an important investment for our family, as it gives us the security and peace of mind especially when it comes to potential health issues. It is the best gift we can give our child!”

Kelly Misa-Fernandez
TV Host, Endorser, Lifestyle Blogger, Social Media Influence and Mom to Tristan


“Hi Mommies, this is Abigail Yabot, mom of 5, a breastfeeding counselor, parenting advisor and a proud Cordlife Mom! Greeting you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year” I wish you all a year of bonding moments, health and lots of "mommy me time" so you can always remain your best for yourself and your family.”

Abby Yabot
La Leche League Founder and Breastfeeding Advocate

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Leave behind your worries and face the year of the rooster armed and ready knowing that you and your loved ones are protected!

Wishing you a jubilant and delightful 2017!

Your Cordlife Philippines Family