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Happy month of mothers!

Download our Info Pack on Stem Cell Banking and get a free item* on us when you book a non-obligatory appointment!

Also get Sodexo GCs when you bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord lining, or both with Cordlife:

  • Worth Php 5,000 Sodexo Gift Certificates for UCB & UCL Bundle Prestige Value Plan
  • Worth Php 3,000 Sodexo Gift Certificates for UCB & UCL Bundle Value Classic and Premium Plans OR UCB Prestige Value Plan
  • Worth Php 2,000 Sodexo Gift Certificates for UCB Premium Value Plan

*UCB = Umbilical Cord Blood Banking
*UCL = Umbilical Cord Lining Banking

The Cordlife Information Pack has been put together to provide you with more information on Cordlife Medical Philippines and its services, including cord blood banking and its lifesaving advantages. You can also schedule a non-obligatory appointment with our friendly consultants to answer your questions on how banking your baby’s stem cells found in his cord blood can benefit you and your family.

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