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How Banking Works
How Banking Works

Processing of your baby’s Cord Blood

Stem cell isolation is a critical step in cord blood banking. It affects the number of stem cells that can be harvested or recovered from the cord blood. Cell recovery rates are critical because a higher number of stem cells could enhance the success of the transplant or treatment. That's why Cordlife has invested in the Sepax®2 automated stem cell processing technology, a safe, sterile and fully automated cord blood processing technology – so you get more stem cells for maximum transplant success^.

Cordlife Phils. Inc. is the FIRST to bring your family Sepax®2 The Standard in Cord Blood Banking.

The first and only private cord blood bank in the Philippines that offers the Sepax®2 automated processing technology, this Swiss-made and U.S. FDA-cleared device can recover as high as 99.46%1 of Total Nucleated Cells (TNC) from cord blood; up to 57%2 cell count higher than other processing methods. It is also a functionally closed processing system which ensures the sterility of the cord blood by eliminating exposure to air contaminants.

1 Cordlife umbilical cord blood processing data as of 28 April 2015
2 Valeri et al., Transfusion 1996; 36: 303-8.

Features of Sepax® 2 and what it means to You, as a Parent

Feature Benefits to You
Swiss Quality
  • Swiss-made patented automated cord blood processing system
  • Advanced technology with new protocols
  • We process your baby's cord blood with high Swiss precision, reliable, state-of-the-art technology.
Fully Automated
  • Requires no external centrifuge or operator intervention during processing
  • Controlled, smooth and precise cell separation by an advanced optical sensor.
  • The yield from cord blood processing is consistent, with reproducible high results (that is, cell recoveries).
Cell Recovery
  • Able to achieve as high as 99.88%1 Total Nucleated Cells (TNC) recovery rate
  • More cells are recovered / harvested from your baby's cord blood for future treatment (if needed), allowing better chance of a successful transplant.
  • Closed processing system
  • Each processing step is fully monitored and traceable throughout the procedure.
  • Possesses a troubleshooting system. Even in cases of power failure, all cord blood units can be processed without having errors.
  • The only cord blood processing technology that processes one cord blood unit at a time.
  • Conducts automated kit test before the start of procedure and pressure test to check for any leakage.
  • It optimizes the sedimentation parameter for each cord blood unit.
  • Processing of your baby's cord blood unit is safe and highly sterile, leaving zero opportunity for error.
  • Prevent any sample mix-up and eliminates any possible cross-contamination of your baby's precious cord blood unit.

Regulatory Approvals

  • Cleared by U.S. FDA, approved by European Union (evidenced by CE Mark), and Japan MHLW (Ministry of Health and Labor Welfare)
  • Complies with the highest quality standards such as AABB & FACT-Netcord3
  • Meets international health, safety and environmental requirements to ensure consumer safety.


  • An advanced cord blood processing technology with proven transplant track record
  • World's most tried and trusted automated system
  • Over 1 million cord blood units3 have been processed by the Sepax® System in over 50 countries, this is almost half of the worldwide processing procedures for cord blood inventory.
  • Trusted by majority of the world's leading public and private cord blood banks
  • The Sepax® system has been chosen by over 75% of the Netcord organizations that group the leading public cord blood banks around the world.
  • Proven technology, equipment and consumables that are used by industry leader  - the true validation on the quality of the Sepax® automated processing technology.

First in the Philippines

  • Cordlife is the first private cord blood bank in Philippines to offer automated cord blood processing with Sepax®2.
  • Our investment in advance technology now and in the future means you and your family will benefit from any future technology upgrade for the long-term storage of your baby's stem cells

1 Cordlife umbilical cord blood processing data as at 28 April 2015
2 Total Nucleated Cells
3 Sources: and Biosafe, manufacturer of Sepax® (figures accurate as of 31 March 2013).

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