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Most moms living in the social media age have this in common: the must to snap shots of life’s simple thrills. Perfect OOTD? Shoot. That delish meal they had during me-time? Snap. Maybe even a quick gym selfie? Take a photo! Everyday things, no matter how small, can contribute to one’s happiness, so doesn’t it only make sense to capture big MOMents like one’s pregnancy, birth, and growing family?

Here are 5 stages of motherhood and family life we recommend that you have documented and why:



During pregnancy the mother’s body undergoes changes to provide the baby a warm and comfortable home for a whole 9-month period. It is a magical experience and serves only proper to glorify it with a maternity shoot! Experts like Cocoon Studio advise pregnancy shoots to happen on the 7th month and onwards for the baby bump to be visible. Have a theme in mind? Be it at home or at the studio, Cocoon will do their best to make it happen.

Birth Photography

Cocoon Cocoon

While not yet a conventional thing in the country, some parents are now opting to have their childbirth experience documented. Moms and dads now get to enjoy the first few priceless moments of their newborn, even if they didn’t have the chance to. Cocoon is paving the way for Birth Photography in the country as they recently pioneered the service. Be it a CS or a normal delivery, they’re more than willing to help new parents go through the process of giving birth. Pre-arrange a shoot with the Cocoon Team to capture the delicate and precious moments of your birth while you and your husband channel both your energies on delivering your beloved one into this world.



Probably the most popular type of shoot parents go for is the newborn photography. I mean, why not? Your baby can only be tiny for so long! The ideal period to photograph newborns is when they’re between 6-12 days. During this time the baby sleeps most of the day and remains in a curled up position that is wonderful to capture.

When they’re 2 weeks old, the babies start to already feel their muscles which causes them to move more. If your baby is older than 12 days, though, don’t get discouraged! Photo studios like Cocoon have “baby whisperers” that have tips and tricks up their sleeves for calming down the baby when needed.

And you know what the best news of all is? They can do shoots at the comforts of your own home! “We usually explain to the parent that it is best to photograph in the house for the baby to be comfortable.” Of course, our top priority for our babies is their comfort and it’s good to know that a team like Cocoon can adjust to our and our baby’s needs.

Kiddie Parties


Who said kiddie parties are only enjoyable for kids? Not us! We know that events like these become a venue for old friends to get together and for new members of respective families to finally be introduced. In between all the games and merriments, it’s nice to seize exceptional moments with loved ones as they happen through photographs. Make sure to book an official photographer for your child’s birthday as you organize the celebration. Cocoon offers flexible packages for children’s parties which you can choose from.

Family Portraits


As your family gets bigger, it gets a bit harder to keep track of certain things like the sudden physical changes of the members of the family. Don’t you sometimes wish you can keep your firstborn’s hair the way it’s always been? Or forever have a memory of how your newborn beams with contentment after nursing? If you can’t do that, then you can at least have your photographs taken to help you always remember.

Cocoon Cocoon

If you have always felt awkward about staged shoots, Cocoon can also capture “moments” instead! We can all agree that it’s the little candid bits of life that make it amazing, pure, and filled with love.

Good news for all new mommies, you can combine newborn and family photoshoots in one session! Just make sure to coordinate with Cocoon your specifications so they can adjust accordingly.

Cocoon studio is a celebration of life through photography from birth onwards. Their team consists of dedicated photographers that focuses on family, maternity, baby, children, celebratory events and capturing all of life’s beautiful creations. They also do monthly baby photo sessions at a very special rate!

Find their studio at Unit 17A17, Victoria Tower A Condominium, Panay Ave. cor. Timog Ave. (or simply type in “Cocoon Studio” on Waze to find them!) For any other questions, shoot them an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Patricia Infante at 0917 5197980.

Make every MOMent memorable. We are giving away a photoshoot package worth Php 50,000 from Cocoon for the September-December 2018 Cycle of our Blessed Birth Raffle Promo. To join, simply complete the form at The Raffle Promo is exclusive for pregnant moms.