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How much does banking my baby’s precious cord blood with Cordlife cost?

6 things you did not think were more expensive than cord blood banking with Cordlife

Disclaimer: The cost indicated in this article is based on Cordlife Philippines’ old price plan. The rates as well as some of the terms and conditions have since changed.

If you’re ever considering banking your baby’s cord blood, your foremost question would probably be “How much will it cost us?” Considering how precious the cord blood stem cells are – in terms of their life-saving benefits, and how thorough the collection, processing and storage procedures are – done by Cordlife’s network of professionals and pool of trained personnel, you might think it burns a hole in the pocket.

Banking your baby’s precious cord blood stem cells can cost up to Php 183,000.*Yes, it could be steep, depending on how you look at it. But considering that it already covers the testing, processing, and storing of your baby’s cord blood for up to 18 years, (almost two decades!) making use of only the best technology available and a world-class storage facility, then you will realize that it’s a great value for money. That and the fact that with the ever-progressing state of science, cord blood stem cells can now potentially treat over 80 diseases including blood cancers!

To give you another view on how manageable the figures are, take a look at this infographic material we have prepared for you:

Pricing breakdown

Dear parents, you probably didn’t realize that the cost of banking your baby’s cord blood is way cheaper than the collective cost of your daily fix of store-bought coffee, at only Php 28 a day! If you cut your costs on expensive cafe and find an alternative instead, then you would be putting aside enough to afford banking the life-saving stem cells of your child found in his cord blood in a year

A woman can never have too many shoes is what they always say and we’re not here to debunk that. But then, mommies, you can never have too many chances to save your baby’s cord blood, too! In fact, you only get one, and that’s at the point of your baby’s birth. If you have an average monthly budget of Php 1,000 for a pair of footwear, or Php 12,000 for the whole year, then setting aside Php 850 each month would be no biggie for you to afford the banking of your little one’s cord blood. Learn about the top 10 reasons why you should save your baby’s cord blood

Celebrating special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays are always made special when there’s great food. But who said you need to dine out in a fancy restaurant in order to achieve that? A nice dinner for two can easily cost you about a thousand bucks per head, and that’s discounting the gas or transportation expenses. Why not make your dinner more special by preparing your own meal at home? An even better idea would be to make a great bonding experience out of it by cooking with your partner or other family members. What you can save by doing this is something you can add to your cord blood banking funds to secure your babys’ health.

Cordlife is giving away up to Php 6,000 worth of treat when you Download our comprehensive information package on cord blood banking, and enroll in our banking plans.*

Like we’ve said, you only get one chance to do cord blood banking, and that happens at the moment of your child’s birth. Whereas, you have potentially unlimited opportunities to get your dream bag in your lifetime. Learning to prioritize our wants and needs can help tremendously so we can better secure the future not only of our little ones, but the whole family as well!
Your baby’s cord blood can protect up to 3 Generations of your family with Cord Blood Network.

Living in the digital era, we know that it’s pretty difficult to detach from our virtual lives. There’s always that urge to connect and sometimes, we feel it in ways more than one. Most people own multiple gadgets, and find the need to upgrade them on a regular basis (read: yearly). And while we understand the necessity to keep up, it’s not always a practical habit to have. Instead of always upgrading your gadgets, which we know depreciates in value, why not invest in the saving of the stem cells of your baby which are now being used to potentially treat up to 80+ diseases.

Having laid out our previous point, we know that communication is a big thing these days. In fact, spending over a thousand pesos for a mobile data plan monthly is not anything that you would question someone for anymore. Learn how to get your money’s worth by being able to make the most out of your data plan. Instead of still using regular SMS and Calls, there are widely available free messaging applications that provide the same services for free; you just have to choose which one works best for you. Pretty soon you will realize that there’s so much you can do to reduce your data needs, and possibly downgrade your plan to be able to allocate your budget to other important things like insuring the health of your little one.

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Learn about our latest pricing and and payment modes by requesting for our pricing plan here.

*Php 183,000 cost is based on Cordlife’s Prestige Value Plan, Cordlife’s highest value 18-year plan.
**Prices subject to change without prior notice