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KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) Autologous Umbilical Cord Blood Reinfusion for the Treatment of Autism

Safety and Efficacy (Auto-UCB-ASD 01)* Clinical Trial Update

Cordlife Group is honoured to play a part in the clinical trial run by KKH for the treatment of autism through autologous umbilical cord blood reinfusion. This clinical trial is the first of its kind to be conducted in Singapore.

Cordlife’s Cord Blood Releases For KKH Autism Trial

As a Group, Cordlife has released cord blood for twelve (12) clients who participated in the clinical trial. All of our clients were successfully infused with their own cord blood as part of the trial. Prior to each release, quality assurance test was performed and the results met the trial requirement.

KKH Singapore
KKH Philippines

No. Year of Release Banked with Total Nucleated Cell Count % of units used Storage Time (Months) Storage Country
1 2019 Cordlife Singapore 980 million 100% 78.4 Singapore
2 2019 Cordlife Singapore 733 million 100% 67.7 Singapore
3 2019 Cordlife Singapore 1.03 billion 100% 47.7 Singapore
4 2019 Cordlife Singapore 1.11 billion 100% 54.4 Singapore
5 2019 Cordlife Singapore 912 million 80% 59.8 Singapore
6 2020 Cordlife Singapore 1.02 billion 100% 59.7 Singapore
7 2020 Cordlife Singapore 1.07 billion 100% 52.3 Singapore
8 2020 Cordlife Singapore 740 million 100% 60.0 Singapore
9 2021 Cordlife Philippines 622 million 100% 49.4 Philippines
10 2021 Cordlife Singapore 407 million 100% 45.7 Singapore
11 2021 Cordlife Singapore 441 million 100% 65.1 Singapore
12 2021 Cordlife Singapore 593 million 100% 63.2 Singapore

Last updated on 30 Sept 2021

About KK Women’s And Children’s Hospital (KKH)

Established in 1858, KKH is Singapore's leading hospital specialising in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Neonatology. Today, the 830-bed hospital is a referral centre providing tertiary services to manage high-risk conditions in women and children in Singapore.

More About Clinical Trials

Purpose kkh trial

To determine if Haematopoietic stem cells in Cord blood can improve ASD symptoms.

Duration kkh trial

18 to 20 months (7 study visits)

Elgibility Criteria kkh trial

Eligibility Criteria
Age 24 -to 60 months.
Confirmed clinical DSM-5.
Have autologous cord blood stored with a cord blood bank when the child was born.

What is involved?

blood test kkh trial

Two blood tests and a day-case admission to KKH for the child’s cord blood to be reinfused back to him/her.

phychological tests kkh trial

Repeated psychological tests on the child to assess ASD severity, behaviour, adaptive skills and IQ before and after cord blood infusion.

eye-tracking assessment kkh trial

Eye-tracking assessments on the child before and after cord blood infusion.

Note: Enrolment for the trial has closed since 1 February 2021.

*Reference: Clinical Trials Register. Health Science Authority Website. Last accessed May 17, 2021.

DCR No. 3382 Version A, November 2021

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