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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting July 23, 2018, exclusive discounts, free gifts, and other promos by partner merchants can be enjoyed by the cardholders. Promotions and partner merchants are subject to change without prior notice.

Clients who sign up for umbilical cord blood or umbilical cord lining banking services (with complete upfront payment) will receive the Cordlife Privilege Card.

Clients who sign up for our banking services may receive their card within 30-45 days after sign-up verification. However, given the challenges brought about by the pandemic, there may be delays in the production and delivery of the card.

No. Only the cardholder is entitled to use the card.

You will be charged a fee of PHP150.00 in the event that you lose or damage your card. The Cordlife Privilege Card is issued by and remains the property of Cordlife Philippines. Cordlife Philippines reserves the right, without prior notice, to decline the issuance, re-issuance, renewal or replacement of the card and to suspend or terminate the right to use the card. No Cordlife Privilege cardholder will be entitled to any payment in respect of such suspension or termination.

Amend, withdraw, suspend or terminate Cordlife Privilege Card membership, its terms and conditions associated with its use, discounts and privileges offered by its partners, without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Cordlife Philippines. Circumstances include:

  1. Any abuse or attempted abuse of the Cordlife Privilege Card scheme.
  2. Failure of Cordlife client to settle payment with outstanding invoices and/or other administrative issues.
  3. Upon termination of Cordlife banking services by the client and withdrawal from or termination of Cordlife Privilege Card membership, the Cordlife Privilege cardholder will cease to enjoy all privileges conferred by the Cordlife Privilege Card program.

Cordlife Philippines has to exercise due diligence to the best of its ability in selecting its partner merchants. Cordlife Philippines shall not be responsible or liable in respect of products or services provided by merchants or any information or representation relating to such products or services.