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Celebrity Parents

Read what celebrity parents have to say about storing their baby's precious stem cells

It took almost a decade before I got pregnant again not for anything but for some personal reasons. I lost my sister because of leukemia at age 8. With this, I made sure that my first born, Callie, will be free from any dreaded diseases. Ate Callie’s health was always our top priority. That’s why when I found out that I’m pregnant again with Baby Alonzo, I really considered Cordlife to bank my baby’s cord blood and cord lining. I was moved to bank when they explained to me that my baby’s cord blood can be used not only for my baby but for the whole family, up to three generations through Cord blood network. I knew I needed to take this one chance to collect cord blood and secure the health of the two most precious things in my life, Callie and Baby Alonzo.

Dimples Romana

Actress, Model, Entrepreneur and Mom to Callie, Alonzo, & Elio