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Cordlife Clients

We strive to provide you with greater value, trust, and convenience. 

FAQ for Existing Cordlife Parents

The FAQs below presents most of the commonly asked questions about cord blood banking and other related questions.

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How would the Plan Upgrade Program benefit a Cordlife Parent like me?

Cordlife Plan Upgrade Program lets you enjoy:

  • Savings of up to 4 years storage.
  • Gift Certificates* from Cordlife.
  • Protection against potential hikes in Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • The convenience of a one-time payment for the remaining balance of annual installment fees

*Terms and conditions apply.

What is my balance amount for payment with Cordlife?

Please email us at or call us at (02)8322 1888 / 8470 1735 to check your latest balance.

I have just learned about the Plan Upgrade Program. What should I do next?

You may email us at or call us at (02)8322 1888 / 8470 1735 to signify interest of upgrading your plan. Our Customer Care Team will provide further details to complete the plan upgrade process.

What are the available modes of payment?
  • Installments up to 12-months using your credit card.
  • Straight payment for other credit cards. (You may apply for installment plans with your bank.)
  • Bank Deposit thru Cordlife Medical Phils. Inc. - PH bank account.
What happens after the payment for Plan Upgrade has been completed?

You can opt for thOnce the payment has been completed, Cordlife will send you an Official Receipt together with the Confirmation Letter and Cordlife gift *. This letter confirms that the obligations and terms and conditions remain as per the original Service Agreement you signed with us. This letter also reiterates your revised refund policy.

What if I opt for Plan Upgrade Program and then terminate the Service Agreement before the full 18 years?

In the event that that the Agreement you signed is prematurely terminated for valid reasons before the entire contractual period of 18 years (for example: transplant’s use), Cordlife will accord a pro-rated refund at nominal value.