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Cordlife is proud to help these families in using their cord blood units stored in various Cordlife facilities for successful stem cell transplantations.

Ching (alias) was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. As a result, blood transfusion became part of her life. In attempt to free Ching of her suffering, her mother decided to meet Cordlife’s consultants to learn how cord blood can help Ching’s life. Luckily, doctors successfully performed a cord blood transplant when Ching was 5 years old at Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital. Recovering swiftly, Ching is just like any other ordinary girls that enjoys school life.

Ching - Cordlife Success Story


Ee Han - Cordlife Success Story

Ee Han

When little Ee Han was 3 months old, his parents noticed that his neck was soft and could not hold his own head. He was then diagnosed with growth development delay and quadriplegic cerebral palsy. His ENT doctor also confirmed that he was suffering from severe hearing loss in both ears.

Since then, little Ee Han has been undergoing multiple therapies and depending on mobility and hearing aids to improve the quality of his life. At an Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) class outing, Ee Han’s parents chanced upon another child suffering from a similar condition who had improved tremendously after an infusion of his own cord blood. This encouraged them to let little Ee Han go through a cord blood infusion since they had stored his cord blood with Cordlife at birth.

In November 2014 and September 2015, Ee Han went through two rounds of cord blood infusion performed by Dr Keith Goh, Consultant Neurosurgeon from Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Each round took no more than 45 minutes to complete. After the infusions, both Dr Goh and Ee Han’s parents noted visible improvements including faster sitting up movements and better control of his emotions.

I noticed that Ee Han’s motor skills has improved and he now has more strength and control of his limbs. He can even walk with support. Ee Han is now more responsive and cognitively aware of things.
said Dr Keith Goh.

Justin (alias) was diagnosed with a common childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, at a tender age of one and half years old. Over the course of 1 year, the child had to endure numerous rounds of high-dose chemotherapy to treat his condition. Chemotherapy destroyed cancer cells, but at the same time also killed normal cells. Fortunately, Justin’s parents had his cord blood stored at birth with CordLife. The cord blood stem cells were infused back to his body after a course of chemotherapy in January 2011 at Queen Mary Hospital and he was discharged from hospital after 3 months. The cord blood unit used had been cryopreserved in our Hong Kong facility for 29 months. CordLife is very proud to achieve this milestone in the cord blood banking industry in Hong Kong.

Justin - Cordlife Success Story


An accident at birth 2.5 years ago deprived Baby Georgia of oxygen to her brain, resulted in cerebral palsy. The damage to the toddler's brain caused her to move involuntarily, suffer from muscle spasms and have up to 50 seizures a day. It was only after CordLife put the family in touch with a renowned neurosurgeon that enable Georgia to be infused with her own cord blood, also stored by CordLife. Her conditions have improved since then.

Georgia has made good progress since her stem cell infusion. She has better visual focus and eye contact with adults during play. She has more vocalization and tries to 'sing-a-song' by making different sounds to nursery rhymes. Georgia has improved postural and head control and is observed to be reaching more with her arms.

said Ms. Jaclyn Tan, Consultant Occupational Therapist at OzWorks Therapy.

Source: The Sun, 3 December 2009
Georgia Cordlife Success Story



Moinam was diagnosed Thalassamia when he was barely one year old. If left untreated, most of the children inflicted with this disorder do not live beyond the age of 10. Fortuitously, his newborn sister was free from Thalassamia and her cord blood stem cells were a perfect match for Moinam, with small amount of bone marrow to supplement the transplant, Moinam is now in his recovery phase.

"We decided to use a mixture of bone marrow and cord blood cells as it has a better and faster chance of success than only bone marrow cells. Bone marrow stem cells, on the other hand, could lead to Graft Versus Host Disease, triggered by the body's defense mechanism while the transfusion is being done. Not only increase the stem cell count, but also reduce the chance of any complications. It is the treatment of choice in such cases and leads to a complete cure.

explained Dr Mukherjee, Medical Director of NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute.

Source: The Telegraph, 7 May 2011

Lucas (alias), a young boy was active and normal until he turned 10 years old and he was constantly lethargic and had a poor appetite for no reason. He also had significant weight loss with bouts of fever and vomiting and had to go through months of seeking treatments in numerous hospitals in Malaysia. In 2017, he was finally diagnosed by doctors that he had chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Thankfully, Lucas’s parents managed to find a match in his younger brother’s cord blood, which they had stored at birth with Stemlife (A subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited). The transplant took place successfully in 2018 and he is in remission currently.

Lucas - Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia


Kamsiyochukwu Bryan Peter Ezenwa

At the age of 2, Kamsiyochukwu was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anaemia, a dreadful inherited blood disorder which affects the haemoglobin. Subject to multiple transfusions as part of the conventional treatment led to several complications which further deteriorated his health. Seeing their child’s critical condition, his parents were searching for a permanent cure to this pain and suffering. When they learnt that Cord Blood transfusion could help their child to get rid of this suffering, they planned for another baby in India and on the suggestion of their doctor, stored their 2nd child’s cord blood.

On 21st January, 2020, 8yr old Kamsiyochukwu underwent the transplantation at Apollo Hospital, India with his sibling’s Cord Blood Stem Cells. Before the transplantation, he underwent Chemotherapy to prepare his body for the cord blood transfusion. There were no adverse effects observed throughout the process and the transplant was declared successful. And since the transplant, Kamsiyochukwu has been okay and is leading painless life, back at their native - Nigeria.

Kamsiyochukwu’s mother, Blessing Ezenwa applauded Cordlife for not only safekeeping and timely delivery of the Cord Blood sample to the transplant centre at the time of need, but also for the financial insurance provided by Cordlife at the time of transplant. Ever since the transplant, little Kamsiyochukwu has been thankful to Cordlife for the new lease of life he received from his sibling’s cord blood.