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Cordlife Value - Added Services

Pregnancy Insurance
Transplant Financial Assistance
Protecting 3 Generations of Your Family With Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Cordlife Shield

  • A pregnancy insurance that provides coverage for the pregnant mother and the baby from 7 types of possible pregnancy complications, 16 types of congenital illnesses, and maternal or child death.
  • Provides one-time subsidy of SGD2,000 for pregnancy complications and congenital illnesses and SGD5,000 for maternal or child death, subject to terms and conditions and provisions of the insurance policy.
  • Protection starts at 18 weeks of pregnancy or upon Cordlife enrollment (whichever is later).
  • Covers 7 pregnancy complications and death.
  • Protection begins from birth and lasts until 6 months.
  • Cover 16 congenital illnesses and fetal demise.


For Mothers
NOType of pregnancy complicationIncidence rate
1Preeclampsia or eclampsia1 in 15
2Death of fetus1 in 160
3Abruptio placentae1 in 100
4Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) requiring hysterectomy1 in 378
5Disseminated intravascular coagulation1 in 526
6Fatty liver of pregnancy1 in 20,000
7Amniotic fluid embolism1 in 8,333
For Babies
NoType of pregnancy complicationIncidence rate
1Retinopathy of prematurity1 in 128
2Ventricular septal defect1 in 240
3Infantile hydrocephalus1 in 313
4Cerebral palsy1 in 345
5Cleft palate or cleft lip1 in 700
6Atrial septal defect1 in 1,859
7Down syndrome1 in 700
8Congenital deafness1 in 690
9Spina bifida1 in 2,500
10Congenital blindness1 in 1,250
11Tetralogy of fallot1 in 3,000
12Congenital diaphragmatic hernia1 in 3,600
13Transposition of great vessels1 in 4,000
14Anal atresia1 in 5,000
15Congenital dislocation of hip1 in 1,000
16Absence of two limbs1 in 135,135

Transplant Care

A transplant subsidy wherein Cordlife will provide one-time payment of up to SGD50,000 to partially cover medical costs of transplantation for the child whose cord blood unit is stored (autologous use), the child's biological siblings, biological parents or biological grandparents applicable for use in standard treatment at any accredited hospital in the Philippines.

CordBlood Network

Protection for 3 generations of your family

  • Child whose cord blood is stored with Cordlife
  • Legal parents
  • Legal grandparents

Assisted search for matching cord blood for legal parents and grandparents of Cordlife Child, tapping Cordlife’s partner registries in Mainland China

Why save your baby’s umbilical cord  blood, cord tissue and cord lining?

Rich source of
stem cells

Your baby’s umbilical cord has the youngest and most active stem cells compared with other stem cell sources such as embryo, bone marrow, and peripheral blood.

Proven use in

More than 80 diseases can potentially be treated with cord blood, and over 60,000 transplants have taken place worldwide.

clinical potential

Researchers all over the world are learning how to use stem cells to treat more diseases and repair damaged tissue or organs.

Treatment options
for the family

The stem cells you stored are a perfect match for your baby, and they could be used to treat other members of your family.

Readily available
for a lifetime

Stem cells can be kept indefinitely if they are properly stored, and you can retrieve them whenever you need them.