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Therapy Enquiry Centre

Dear Cordlife parent,

Thank you for trusting us to take care of your child's precious stem cells. We take this responsibility seriously, and we follow the best cord blood banking practices to make sure that your child's stem cells remain in good condition.

Even though our primary responsibility is to keep your child's valuable stem cells safe, we would like to help you as much as we can if one of your family members has a health issue. We will help you find ongoing research projects and clinical trials that could help you and your family.

Please complete the following form, and our team will contact you shortly.

Warmest regards,

Cordlife Team

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I Agree to be contacted by Cordlife by way of phone calls/SMS/emails with regard to my above enquiry and any updates required thereafter.
Cordlife Group Limited and its subsidiaries make no guarantee that the stored stem cells will provide a cure or that they will be applicable in all situations. The treating physician ultimately determines the suitability and eligibility of the stored cord blood unit for therapy or a clinical trial, or whether cord blood should be used as part of the recommended treatment.
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